The construction of any facility is a complex process in which everything depends on many factors. Qualified construction process management is focused on ensuring the high quality of construction and installation work performance without any unscheduled interruptions, any construction time and costs reduction.

Multidiscipline team and large amounts of interrelated information are involved into the dynamic, probabilistic and evolving construction process. The dynamics of construction assumes the constant changes of materials and structures, as well as the allocation of workers and equipment in workspace. Construction is an extremely probabilistic system fraught with uncertainty, and therefore difficult to manage. It is hard to predict what changes may occur in the nearest future at the construction site: delay in the supply of materials, failure of construction machines, or violation of the contract by installation organizations. Furthermore it requires the incredible consistency in decision-making.

Having no objective and real-time information about the construction progress at the site, it is impossible to make real-time management decision.

All participants involved into the construction activity should have access to the real-time information. Timely analyzed information about the delay in deliveries will allow changing quickly the construction schedule, when the availability of tools for analyzing the construction and installation works and deliveries deadlines will prevent possible failures in the supply of materials to the construction site.

Good management is always associated with the use of the object information, obtained from different participants of the process. By using a common data environment in construction management, the communication between Customers and Subcontractors on work packages is closer than in the traditional way.

The transparency of construction management is ensured through free access to the information base of the object. Each user gets the opportunity, in accordance with his role in the system, to enter and/or view data.

The technology of fixing works in the model, as well as photo evidence works, displays information that is uniform and transparent for everyone. It inspires the confidence in the clear understanding of the real situation for all participants at the construction site.