Картинка: Проектирование промышленных объектов

PJSC “Chemproject” carries out the development of design and detailed design documentation for new construction, reconstruction, modernization, technical re-equipment of industrial and civil objects. The priority area in the design is the industrial sector: petrochemical, metallurgical and oil refining objects. PJSC “Chemproject” performs:

  • design of pocess solutions;
  • design of engineering gas supply systems;
  • design of engineering power supply systems;
  • design of engineering systems for water supply and sewerage;
  • design of engineering systems for heating, ventilation and air conditioning;
  • design of the buildings and structures heating systems;
  • design of the buildings and structures communication networks;
  • design of plot plans;
  • development of architectural, space-planning and design solutions;
  • development of measures for environmental protection;
  • development of constructive solutions for linear objects;
  • development of measures to ensure the fire safety;
  • development of measures for civil defense, measures for the prevention of natural and man-made emergencies;
  • preparation of a package of estimate documentation.

All these disciplines are performed using BIM-modeling in accordance with both the Customer terms of reference and legal requirements in order to obtain the highest possible operational capabilities ensuring the cost minimization.

The company provides services for the design work performance for the objects designed by our specialists or third-party organizations.