Картинка: Комплексное создание BIM-моделей

Nowadays, the digital push is accelerating in the construction industry all over the world and in Ukraine. Our company was among the first who introduced 3D modeling in Ukraine, followed by BIM technologies. Currently, the design documentation is developed on BIM-based model. Furthermore, we offer our Customers the information model development of different detail levels based on 2D drawings, if the developed project is available. Lists of clashes recorded during the BIM model development is submitted to the Customer to make changes to the detailed design documentation before the start of construction.

PJSC “Chemproject” also provides laser scanning points cloud modeling services and the formation of an as-built model.

The BIM object models enables to create a 4D-model during the construction process and visualize the construction work progress using it, to record construction control directions linked to model elements, to save the construction photo evidence, including hidden works, to close the volumes using the BIM-model – to form acts of completed works, to receive BIM-based project implementation reports.